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Wuxi Huishan Party Committee Secretary Li Qiufeng and his entourage visited the Huishan New Factory

publictime: 2018-09-14

On September 12, 2018, Li Qiufeng, secretary of the Huishan District Committee of Wuxi City, Yu Gang, secretary of the Party Committee of Luoshe Town, Cha Haihong, the mayor of Luoshe Town, and Wan Zhijian, deputy secretary, visited the new factory site. Hui Yi Metal General Manager Yan Yebin and Executive Vice President Qi Haoqing accompanied the visit.

General Manager Qi Yebin briefed the leaders on the area of the construction site under construction, the total investment, and the prospects of solar photovoltaic system components.

Secretary Li Qiufeng affirmed the development of the company and encouraged us to continue to work hard to bring into play the energy of the enterprise team and strive to double the total export value in three years, reaching 50 million US dollars. Play a leading role in local enterprises. Become a foreign trade company with certain ability and certain future. He also said that he will definitely visit the site again when the company is completed next year.

In this season of autumn winds, this leadership inspection is undoubtedly a great encouragement to our company, which is also a kind of spur! In the future development path, Huisheng Metal will continue to improve product quality, enhance new product research and development, adhere to the road of quality and innovation. I believe that under the care of the Huishan government leadership, Huisheng Metal can establish itself and focus on the future, and build a solid foundation for the company's next development!