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Warmly welcome the leaders of Wu District President and his delegation to visit our factory under construction

publictime: 2018-12-01

Huishan Metal Solar Photovoltaic Power System Component Construction Project was recognized as a key industrial project by Huishan District Government. On the afternoon of December 1, 2018, the leaders of Wu Jianyuan, Secretary Yu Gang of Luoshe Town and Mayor Cha Haihong of Huishan District, accompanied by Rui Haoqing, Deputy Executive Director of Huishan District, came to the site of our factory construction project. Investigation and guidance work.

Manager Rui Haoqing briefed Wu's delegation on the basic situation of the project under construction and the prospects of solar photovoltaic system components. Thank you to Mr. Wu, Mr. Yu Gang and Mayor Cha Haihong for their busy schedule and precious time to visit our construction site.

Mr. Wu Jianyuan highly praised the company's development and asked us to keep in mind safety production and pay close attention to safety education while building high-standard factories with high quality and quantity.